About - Sorcha Matisse Photography

Hey friends! I was born and raised in beautiful Bozeman Montana, and I currently live in small town Whitefish. Photography has been my hobby and passion for 13 years, and I have experience ranging from portraits to action sports. My work has taken me from the northern-most reaches of my home state to coastal beaches and the desert southwest.

Surprisingly enough, I didn't study photography in college. I actually have a BA in Art History from Montana State University. So I'm essentially self-taught!

When I'm not in school or working this amazing job, I love to get outside. Hiking, backpacking, camping, skiing, road tripping, you name it. Working for myself is the best life I can imagine. I'm either on my feet working 10-12 hour days or sipping coffee in my little home office with my dog snoozing next to me. Photography has slowly become my full time job and I wouldn't change a thing. Let's get to know each other!

Photo by emily klarer photography

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